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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking

SSB happens when a highly excited system discards some action and settles to lower entropy.

Before a tossed coin hits the ground and collapses to one side, it has full entropy, say 1.
When it collapses it displays a definite side with probability (entropy here) 1/2, since sides are marked. When a sequence of tossings are considered, the state becomes a mixture of two. Like in quantum mechanics.
Thus we get a collapse of a duality by SSB. A tossed coin in air represents a highly excited system.

Stopping walk is SSB, like coin tossing. While you are walking, it is an excited system, and freezes upon stopping.

Standing on 2 legs and freeing up hands was SSB in evolution. 4 legs is good if you are always on ground. Spend less energy by discarding the balancing on 2 legs. But if you are also doing things with your hands, like on trees, it becomes a highly excited system that wants to split. Hands are freed up from walking thus reducing the entropy of walking and manipulating.

When a locality of atmosphere becomes highly excited, it discards energy as lightning and reduces entropy. A state of a system has a geometry that defines it's boundary. The action within this geometry is determined by it. Like water in a cup. Bit of shaking makes it to prefer the lower ground. For lightning, the boundary is the ionisation potential. When the e/m energy in the system gets out of hand, it tears the boundary and gets out. Clouds convert some of their kinetic energy into e/m energy. E/m energy is always present in kinetic environments since atoms do not always behave neutral.

When the early universe was an excited cloud in the mother universe, it was tossing it's options around, and decided to make a big spark in 7 phases and made all fields and their associated charges, and settled into a lower entropy.

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