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Friday, April 07, 2006

Science fractal

Consider the mapping;

SM0=1 ... Higgs ... Higgs ... Mathematics
SM1=1/2 ... Light ... Atom ... Physics
SM2=1/2 ... Weak ... Cell ... Chemistry
SM3=3/2 ... Quarks ... Planet ... Biology
SM4=18 ... Leptons ... Star ... Psychology
SM5=1080 ... Time ... Galaxy ... Intelligence
SM6=12150 ... Gravity ... Universe ... Aesthetics

Biology corresponds to Planet and sits in the middle. Implying that the universe is a biological form, or that all life obeys M6. Also displaying the analytical/emotional split of a brain. Chemistry/Psychology coupling shows that chemicals make the mood, like Star light make Cell. Physics/Intelligence coupling shows that Physics (electricity or light) make Intelligence, since our chemical and biological brain support the electrical action that make Intelligence. Since light speed is needed to go beyond the chemical reaction speeds to make a hyper-structure like brain.
The most interesting is Mathematics/Aesthetics coupling. Aesthetics is beyond intelligence. It is beyond religion, beyond everything, but it needs all of them.

Religion replaces art in broken spirits. Spirits are broken, mostly early in childhood, by power dynamics of society. Spirit of an individual is broken to dominate the person, like breaking horses. But a shepherd is needed to keep the herd, so preachers are invented by the rich and powerful. Revolutionary preachers are eliminated, if not then adopted, like Romans adoptedChristianity and Moors adopted Islam. A monotheistic religion naturally reflects the politics of an empire. This is not to say that there are no spirits. Just replace Art with Spirit. But it belongs to the bearer only. When we learn to go beyond the L&S+B&D+S&M+V&M (The Mudular Group of monkey culture; Love and Sex, Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism, Violence and Murder) culture of our monkey past, we will know that a spirit is the most valuable entity of a society, and that it should not be broken by the proxies of the bullies.

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