ATON is a hopefully evolving classification theory. It aspires to unify knowledge around numbers and prefers naive methods. Some of the older posts are wrong but I'll keep them for the sake of continuity.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


A visualisation of M4 which is made of 18 M3. It is a 3^3 cube with corners and center missing, 27-8-1=18.

Following are 2D aspects with no perspective;

A super-imposed Sri Yantra on a non-perspective aspect of M4;

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sixness of gravity

M6 classifies elementary aspects of the universe into 7 steps;
0 Higgs
1 Light
2 Weak
3 Strong
4 Lepton
5 Time
6 Gravity
As it happens, there are 6 independent equations of the Einstein Field Equations (EFE). Here they are in compacted form;

Friday, September 15, 2006

Higgs as the ultimate stem cell

Picture taken from

The ultimate stem cell is the fertilized egg. Many stem cells make an embryo which then settles in the womb and develops following a tree. Embryo obviously is a being capable of feeding off the mother. When the fertilized egg starts multiplying, it forms a clone population with no overall polarisation. Like a piece of clay before it is formed into shape. Clay is formed of small particles but their size is small enough to be neglected.

Higgs is a quantised scalar field. Everything else is a pattern in the Higgs ocean, including light. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to probe into it using it's own patterns. So it looks undifferentiated to us. One needs a finer resolution to analyse it. Maybe the whole universe comes from a single Higgs particle. The ultimate self reference. Then Higgs follows the M6 category ladder to complete it's growth;

0. Higgs
1. Electric-charge/Light
2. Weak-charge/Weak-boson
3. Quark/Gluon
4. Lepton
5. Space/Time
6. Mass/Gravity

The first differentiation in the stem cells happens in {Muscle, Blood, Nerve} mediated duality. This is like {Plus-electric-charge, Light, Minus-electric-charge}. Light carries energy and blood carrries resources. Nerve is a modified muscle cell, and (-) is derived from (+); (-)*(-)=(+). Light has 0 mass, like blood cell floats in blood's base liquid. Action is ordered from nerve to muscle and the tension in muscle is fed back to nerve. In a similar way, electrons flow from (-) to (+), and holes flow from (+) to (-) in semi-conductors. Blood cell is closer to stem cell. Muscle and Nerve cells are specialised cells. Like 0 is a mirror between +1 and -1, Blood cell is a mirror between Muscle and Nerve cells.

{Muscle, Blood, Nerve} mediated duality produces motion to feed. Therefore the next polarisation must be the {Mouth, Stomach, Anus} mediated duality. Like {W+, Z0, W-} seperation of the weak charge and field.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Being as a book

0. Measure ... Space
1. See ... Letter
2. Taste ... Word
3. Touch ... Sentence
4. Smell ... Paragraph
5. Hear ... Chapter
6. Balance ... Book

Isn't it amazing that an average book is structured in the same 7 step ladder? The optimum of 7 levels of nested subroutines in programming reflects the same fact. Like {Measure, Balance}, {Space, Book} couple to each other. Book provides the space to write. {Letter, Chapter} coupling is demonstrated by the number of letters and chapters being in the same range. We do not like books with hundreds of chapters. 10-20 chapters seems to be the norm. Similarly there are similar numbers of letters in a word and paragraphs in a chapter. Sentence makes irreducable sense. In that way, what binds a sentence is like the strong force.

There is a similar mapping for DNA;

0. Space ... This must be the chemical soup the DNA is immersed in.
1. Letter ... Base
2. Word ... Codon
3. Sentence ... Gene
4. Paragraph ... Operon
5. Chapter ... Chromosome
6. Book ... DNA

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