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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Art in nature

Some humans are artier than others.
The artiest humans are usually the strangest.
Marginal thinking is just that, marginal.
Most humans prefer to think nothing.
Thinking is painful for them.
They would rather exist in a fantasy land secured for them by the bullies.
The bully worshipping is typical for many monkey species.
When a new bully takes over the clan, he first encounters resistance.
After a while the bully becomes accepted and loved.
The bullies of the society scare the wits of any potential challengers early in life.
Like ants, most of us get programmed in childhood by the politics of power into subserviance.
This happens in many ways at the same time for each individual.
Freedom to create is one's best asset.
The ultimate feeling is that of the creative moment.
Some people are almost impossible to oppress in any society.
They will protect their freedom at any cost.
The most important thing for them is the freedom to create.
Scientists are artists, they just use a different palette.
Musicians and mathematicians are the most blessed and cursed individuals of them all.
Blessed by the creative pleasure, while cursed by the obsession to create.
The creative people are always in the minority for any time or society.

Creativity in animals is rarely acknowledged.
We like to think they have no feelings or thoughts.
Otherwise how can we eat them?
Have you seen the Bowerbird art?
A bird obsessed in blue easthetics.
Bird songs are usually in tune and some very melodic.
Heard male cats singing the cat-sex blues?
I once heard a song lasting minutes.
It was unbelivable, a musically interesting song improvised on the spot by a horny cat!
Seen cats courting?
Birds courting?
Usually animals dance and sometimes sing in courting rituals.
Sexual and social selection may have shaped humans, but it is also very noticable in many animals.
My cat Rupty likes to posture like an equal member of the household.
And she does that with considerable style.
Cats have definite style for every individual.
I also noticed from her growing, that she has creative moments.
She slowed down in playing now but I can still see her having fun moments.
I believe all life have feeling and thought in the full spectrum.

We humans are about to enter the post natural evolution stage, if we survive the coming energy/climate singularity.
Humans most probably will survive anything, we are tough creatures.
If we can find the theory of the universe, then nothing can stop us, except the aliens.
One wonders why there aren't any definite contact.
Hard to believe we are alone in this gigantic universe.
Maybe there is a universal code of ethics about not contacting lower forms of life, until they have to.
We keep listening to e/m radiation from space, but who said they would use that form of communication anyway?
They would have mastered gravity and zero point energy.

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