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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Evolution is the adaptive process that has led to the current situation.
The rate of evolution changes from species to species, time to time and place to place.
It is usual for a species to change to another species in a relatively short time, like a revolution.
This kind of rapid change happens in highly excited localities, through Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, like lightnings.
When early humans got down from tree tops and stood up, tail lost it's utiliterian balance and other functions (like hiding your privates), and got clipped off in a short time.
Standing up and freeing hands would have happened in a short time as well.
Once the direction is set, previously stored energy builds the momentum for sustained change.
An excited system develops an outward force on it's boundary, like heating water in a closed container.
When a system bursts it's boundary, it settles to lower entropy, therefore a simpler arrangement.
Like many legs of early life forms finally ended up just 2.
The general pattern of evolution is like a river flowing down to ocean through a series of ponds, lakes and fast streams.
First it accumulates and developes inner tension, then it bursts it's boundary and settles to a new form.
This pattern comes right from the beginning of the universe.
All existence imitates this blueprint, M6.
Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. (Ernst Haeckel)
M6 is in fact an act of evolution (of form and content) in 7 stages.
The last stage is that of art, or creation.
Humans are very close to that.
A singularity in our culture is fast approaching.
It is hard to tell what happens after that.
We will be able to create life.
Maybe in the end we will find that, a hunter gatherer life style is the most interesting of them all.
And probably we will create simulations to experince that life.
Maybe we are simulations after all.
What is a good simulation?
One that is very hard to figure out.

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