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Monday, April 03, 2006

3 boundaries

The purest moment is the Creative Moment.
It comes out of nowhere.
Or does it?
"For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction."
The master said.
What is the intention reacting to?
What caused the big spark that made it rain matter in Big Bang?
What causes the lightning that leads to rain?
CM is like Symmetry Breaking.
SB happens when a highly excited system settles to lower entropy, by discarding the extra action.
Lower entropy brings a new boundary.
Boundary transition happens through SB.

Boundary has two irreducable elements, Inner Boundary and Outer Boundary .
When two things are the same, there is no need to separate them.
Life has two boundaries.
OB is skin, IB is cell skin.
In fact everything has two boundaries, in any context.
Atoms have leptons as OB, and quarks as IB.
Atmosphere's outer is space, inner is earth.
Birth is IB, death is OB.
Time is IB, space is OB.

What was first, IB or OB?
IB seems to be the first to appear, to be followed by OB in it's due time.
Nature prefers things to start small and grow to make OB.
There is a third boundary that is invisible.
It is the boundary that appears before the first boundary, nothingness.
Simply put, "," can only be written in an empty space.
Disturbance needs something to disturb.
Our universe must also be sitting in some environment that acts like nothingness.

Thus there are three boundary types, inner, middle, outer.
IB is ",", MB is {}, OB is Infinity.
Thus we go back to the triplet;

When a boundary forms, it comes with Surface Tension.
ST forms as the flattening surface forces particles to line-up in a grid made by inter-particle forces.
This grid imposes secondary dynamics within a gradual skin-depth.
ST allows water bugs to navigate the surface by using it like a trampoline.
They can also use ST gradients to climb menisci at the edges.
As the universe cooled, it would also have settled into boundaries with ST.

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