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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Resolution, or the smallest/largest ratio is the first aspect of an entity.
Matter is made of atoms.
All plants and animals are made of cells.
All living populations are made of individuals.
The universe is made of galaxies.
Galaxies are made of stars.
In fact the universe is an atom fractal.
TV screen is made of pixels which are made of 3 colors.
The retina of the eye is also made of smallest units.
This fact is known as quantisation in quantum field theory.

Cells differentiate from stem cells to form different tissues.
Embryo is the ultimate stem cell and in it's growth it summarizes the evolution of the it's species.
Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. (Ernst Haeckel)
Thus an embryo traces a compacted tree fractal in it's growth.

The smallest unit is like nothingness.
It is made to be taken for granted, yet it makes the entity.
Atoms are nothingness to a cell.
What atoms make the atoms, Higgs?

The universe has an astounding resolution.
We don't even know yet what the smallest part is.
It could be Planck's constant, h.
The smallest/largest ratio is what gives measure to an entity.
Measure is the first thing that enables an entity to exist.
All senses are based on measure, they have degrees.
Measure is not sensed since it is the foundation.
Like water has no taste.
It makes the nothingness for taste.
Air makes the nothingness for smell.
A slave is nothingness in a farm, yet it makes the farm run.
Space/time is like nothingness for matter and energy.

All entities exist in a shell of nothingness.

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