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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sex, mathematics and politics

Sex evolved from a sexually neutral being;
Sexual polarisation is a low entropy solution to many ways of reproductive interactions within a localised and differentiated population.
Many ways of reproduction is still observed in nature, from hermaphrodites to humans.
The success of sexual reproduction comes from the differentiated merging, which opens up a larger territory for the species.

Mathematics has a similar mediated duality;
When something is totally unintelligible, like white noise with infinite band-width, there can be no means of analysis.
Therefore probability, as a method, can only arrive after some differentiation in the phase space, like white noise acquiring a spectral shape like Gaussian distribution.
To have probability, one has to have both algebra and geometry to measure it.
In Gaussian, numbers provide geometry and the exponential provides algebra.
Only when total chaos settles, we get mathematics.

Politics also settles into a mediated duality when things are stable;
It is amusing to see that these days socialist aint socialist.
Things can never settle down to absolute zero.
Therefore there is always change.
The moment the labor movement became a political commodity, it attracted the attention of the capitalist, to find out ways of manipulation.
Labor is no longer labor, if it ever really was anyway.
Tony Blair can pursue "our way of life" with surprising acceptance from voters.
USA democrats are also practically indistinguishable from the republicans.
This shows that there is a political vacuum emerging fast.
The reason is that capitalists acquired total power, reflecting the exponential increase in global consumption.
But now the order is about to turn into chaos.
It is unavoidable since there are more than one singularities approaching.
There is not enough time or resources for a benign political revolution.
Petrol is running out.
Climate is changing alarmingly fast.
Nasty global epidemics seem to be around the corner.
Water is running out.
Species are dying too fast.
And as an indication what is to come, we got Iraq.
Like cats, humans become violently territorial when resource conflicts arise.

If there is no miracle soon, we are all doomed, most probably within a decade or two.
There is only one miracle left that is possible;
A theory of the universe.

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