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Monday, April 03, 2006

Atom fractal

This chapter is superceded;

Consider the mapping of M6;

SM0=1 ... Higgs ... Higgs
SM1=1/2 ... Light ... Atom (+/-)
SM2=1/2 ... Weak ... Cell (Male/Female)
SM3=3/2 ... Quarks ... Planet (Full energy spectrum)
SM4=18 ... Leptons ... Star
SM5=1080 ... Space-Time-like ... Galaxy
SM6=12150 ... Mass-Gravity-like ... Universe

The atom fractal,
includes all objects with atomic symmetry.
An atom always has skin, flesh and nucleus.
Planet has atmosphere, biosphere and rocksphere.
This classification puts cell (life) right in there with the great players in cosmology.
There seems to be correspondence between the weak symmetry SU(2) and life.
Life obeys the modular group in many ways.
SU(2) has three irreducable complex 2*2 matrices as it's base.
These matrices all have determinant 1, like the modular group condition ad-bc=1.
Another aspect of this mapping is that it puts planet in the center.
Not surprising in a way since a planet provides the widest spectrum of matter and energy.
The application of 1/2 symmetry to atom (+/-) and to cell (male/female) is also interesting, increasing the strength of the mapping.

Higher numbers are curious.
18; Since a star is in plasma state, leptons are free to roam and express their symmetry.
1080; Maybe the next meltdown happens with Space-Time, in the form of a black hole.
Assuming ST is some kind of a frozen state like an atom.
Then you get a horizon appear, to seperate the hot ST plasma from ST.
12150; Then the next meltdown is with Mass-Gravity.
This would represent a higher class black hole, a universe.
Then the atom fractal starts to look like a black hole fractal.

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