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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lateral of lateral is opposite

Self of self is self,
opposite of opposite is self,
lateral of lateral is opposite.
This shows the "sign" aspect of "i".
The 1st one stands for a cycle of modularity 1, the 2nd for 2, and the 3rd for 4.
(i)^n shows a circular cycle, i^n=e^(i*n*pi/2), of modularity 4.
Circular rotation comes with the "lateral" concept.
It allows us to go beyond the logic of opposites and introduces us to cycles.
In a rotating system, self becomes lateral first, before it becomes opposite.
According to a point, there are two kinds of motions, along and lateral.
Lateral motion allows a system to change smoothly, without disturbing the distance between the observer and the observed too quickly.
In physics this duality is translational and angular momentum.

In biped walk, the action of the arms is like lateral motion.
It balances the upper body against the (+,-) action of the legs.
On 4 leg walk, where 2 leg one comes from, there are few modes of motion like horse's trot and gallop.
Gallop involves a smoother circular action to go fast.
Running comes naturally to 4 leg movers, 2 leggers like us lost it when we decided to use our front legs exclusively for other purposes.

The lateral motion for electric field is magnetic field.
Light action shows the symmetry of the 4 leg moving.

In electrical engineering time comes with the imaginary or lateral, e^(i*w*t), where 'w' is angular frequency.
I heard in special relativity time is lateral as well.
Time has to be lateral to space since it is not manifested explicitely like 3 space dimensions.
Space dimension, Real numbers, couples laterally to time dimension, i^2=-1.
Space is always one dimensional for motion, and time couples to it laterally.
Translational motion happens on a line, and angular motion happens around a line.
Time makes it possible for space to reflect itself smoothly along a polarised line by having a lateral motion, like a spiral.
Therefore as far as space-time is concerned, together they make 1 complex dimension.
What makes space look 3 dimensional is the 3/2 symmetry of quark/gluon.

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