ATON is a hopefully evolving classification theory. It aspires to unify knowledge around numbers and prefers naive methods. Some of the older posts are wrong but I'll keep them for the sake of continuity.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The uncertainty principle and the quantity trinity

DxDp >= h/4pi

I have made few cases of the Quantity Trinity already. Like {cell,being,species} and {star,galaxy,universe}. I will call it QT. It seems to be the strongest symmetry of the universe. How is it related to the Uncertainty Principle?

QT is in fact the duality of {0,I} mediated by {1}. In large populations, the smallest is related to the largest. I think nature achieves this through renormalisation. It also comes up with finite quantities to approximate 0 and I.

UP is a statement of measurement of uncertainty in coupled dualities like position and momentum. Momentum is derived from position. More accuracy for one means less for the other. But upto a limit. Beyond that limit, neither can be measured. As if they balance around the mediator of the coupling; Planck's constant divided by 4pi. Like 1 mediates 0 and I.

Is Global Village just around the corner?

Last year was the year of the bloggers. They have penetrated the mainstream media and shattered the corporate stronghold on the global consciousness. YouTube has started a revolution in online video, giving rise to a huge video database, growing bigger everyday and promising infinite potential. Internet is empowering the consumer, reshaping the economy. The doom and gloom of few years before is getting replaced by a wonderful optimism.

It is strange that this should be happening just at a time when the world desperately needed a new direction. Internet has not been around long and it has followed a fairly predictable path until now. It's unifying potential was predicted by many. But how can you predict something like the blogging? YouTube? The intensity of the change is amazing. It has weakened the war-mongers and their sponsors. Many corporations are already shifting alliances. But the threats are still strong. Specially the looming climate disaster.

It seems the global unification was in the cards from the beginning. Like the evolution of the natural brain, computers are getting interconnected at many levels, providing instant communication for humans at many levels and forming a progressively unifying meta-brain to support the forming global consciosness. Like a miracle.

Friday, January 19, 2007

9 aspects of reality

{0, 1, infinity}

{time, matter, space}
{cell, being, species}
{star, galaxy, universe}

I don't know if the words correspond to the symbols but Budh Yantra is ancient and sacred.

I put time in the first position, since it is local. At the base of everything there is time. This is a surprise for me. I have been assuming space to be more fundamental. But when you think about it, everything is a little clock. Everything is an oscillating bundle of energy. Universe is a clock fractal. Being is right in the middle. Everything balance around being. It sits in the middle of a complexity ladder of 9 steps in our universe. Time is the simplest of all and is the origin of all evolution. Being starts as a little bundle of time and climbs the ladder. When it reached the 9 levels of complexity, after a long evolution, it reaches the level of our universe to create beings like us.

Sri Yantra has nine circuits and three elevations apparently.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cell, being, species

This symmetry reflects to what degree nature follows the number triplet, {0,1,Infinity}. {star,galaxy,universe} triplet shows the power of this symmetry at the grandest scale we know. It is interesting that galaxy should correspond to being.

{0,1,I} is quantity, {-,0,+} is quality aspect. {-,0,+} corresponds to {female,child,male} symmetry. Galaxies fall into few types like elliptical, spiral, irregular. I would say {+} corresponds to {elliptical} and {male} since it has a simpler symmetry. This needs further thinking.

The reprogrammability of the center, or the mainstream, is clearly seen in each of {cell,being,species}. Cell has DNA to control the rest, being has brain, species has the marginals to reprogram, or easily capture, the mainstream. Species also fall into {herbivores,carnivores} duality reflecting {+,-}. How is reprogrammability reflected in {star,galaxy,universe} triplet? Star transforms matter in it's core. Galaxy transforms matter at a deeper level in it's core, a black hole. What is the center of the universe? Dark matter/energy? Is it easily capturable and reprogrammable?

There is also the lateral aspect; complex numbers, i^2=-1. With complex numbers we get rotating things since it's symmetry is U(1), or the symmetry of circle and square together.

Capturability of the mainstream

Why is it that the human mainstream is so easy to capture?

In Cronulla race riots in Australia recently, a large number of youth were captured by a few well organised extreme racists. Since the Iraq invasion and the subsequent bombing in Bali, racial harmony suffered greatly. Racist Anglos were ready to be captured it seemed (most Anglos are decent good people I must add). Many of them were drunken and wrapped in Australian flags. They displayed a disgraceful scene, chasing and beating any dark skinned person who happened to be there, including women. The police chief later explained it as crowds being "captured". The oragnisers of the event would have been happy with the results, but I am sure they were not too happy with being seen as a mob of drunken losers.

Didn't Hitler capture an entire nation? He took so many of them to the grave. It seemed capturing humans was as easy as capturing sheep, maybe easier. Hitler was not alone of course. The Europian aristoctarcy and corporations were desperate to counter the Soviet revolution. They supported despots all over Europe to suppress local revolutions. Franco did not reach the efficiency of Hitler, but he also killed a lot of people. Mussolini was of the same kind. They keep showing docos on how bad were the dictators, but they never mention the fact that they were the ones behind the curtain. Later Hitler went rogue, as they do, and became an embarrasment. But Franco stayed a darling until the end.

Neo-cons also tried to capture the American mainstream and succeeded to a great degree. If they were successful in the invasion and holding of Iraq, we would have quite a different world order now. It was amazing to watch how easily they did it to the Americans. Few low life religious preachers were enough to mesmerise a large section of the society. As happened before in Europe, we all know who was behind the curtain. Greedy and ignorant corporate bully. The story of US is still unfolding. Democrats are putting a show but not too effective. Most democrats are also sponsored puppets.

Humans are easy to capture in all scales, from one person to large crowds. You just use slightly different methods. Controlling the media helps greatly. Internet must be quite a nuisance to these bastards. Falling in love is a consensual capture, supported by chemistry. Finding friends also falls into capturing. In the end it comes to reprogrammability. The mainstream provides a programmable power base for the marginal elements. It is a good representation of the concept of nothingness. It slumbers in the center to provide stability with it's size and power. We should study and understand this fact about ourselves and bring it to attention, if we want a peaceful future.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


The nature of everything is open, empty and naked like the sky,
Luminous emptiness, without center or circumference: the pure, naked Rigpa dawns.

(Tibetan book of the dead)

This self-originated Clear Light, which from the very beginning was never born,
Is the child of Rigpa, which is itself without any parents--how amazing!
This self-originated wisdom has not been created by anyone--how amazing!
It has never experienced birth and has nothing in it that could cause it to die--how amazing!
Although it is evidently visible, yet there is no one there who sees it--how amazing!
Although it has wandered through Samsara, no harm has come to it--how amazing!
Although it has seen Buddhahood itself, no good has come to it--how amazing!
Although it exists in everyone everywhere, it has gone unrecognised--how amazing!
And yet you go on hoping to attain some other fruit than this elsewhere--how amazing!
Even though it is the thing that is most essentially yours, you seek for it elsewhere--how amazing!


Taken from the book "The Tibetan book of living and dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche. Ran into it yesterday. Seems pretty good. Rigpa, or Ground Luminousity or Clear Light is the place dead go, it says. It is not the known physical light.

I thought it is also like a description of the Higgs field which is supposed to underlie everything, including space-time and light. It is not yet directly observed and predicted to be a "scalar" field. Light is a vector field, as it has two polarised electrical and magnetic fields. A scalar field is like money. It has a value but not a commodity itself. Pure numbers are defined to be scalars. They are just numbers and do not represent any specific thing. Therefore numbers are idealisations. Like numbers are at the base of mathematics and science, Higgs field is at the base of everything we know. Similarly, according to Buddhism, life has Rigpa as the base, where spirits reside. When a spirit takes on life, it is bonded to it until death. Lately I saw a doco on ABC about near death experiences. Apparently there are serious scientists who say that Higgs field may allow impressions on it by life.

With the recent confirmations of dark energy and matter, space-time seems not as empty as it looks. In fact they constitute most of the observable mass, something like 95%.

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