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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The uncertainty principle and the quantity trinity

DxDp >= h/4pi

I have made few cases of the Quantity Trinity already. Like {cell,being,species} and {star,galaxy,universe}. I will call it QT. It seems to be the strongest symmetry of the universe. How is it related to the Uncertainty Principle?

QT is in fact the duality of {0,I} mediated by {1}. In large populations, the smallest is related to the largest. I think nature achieves this through renormalisation. It also comes up with finite quantities to approximate 0 and I.

UP is a statement of measurement of uncertainty in coupled dualities like position and momentum. Momentum is derived from position. More accuracy for one means less for the other. But upto a limit. Beyond that limit, neither can be measured. As if they balance around the mediator of the coupling; Planck's constant divided by 4pi. Like 1 mediates 0 and I.

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