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Friday, January 19, 2007

9 aspects of reality

{0, 1, infinity}

{time, matter, space}
{cell, being, species}
{star, galaxy, universe}

I don't know if the words correspond to the symbols but Budh Yantra is ancient and sacred.

I put time in the first position, since it is local. At the base of everything there is time. This is a surprise for me. I have been assuming space to be more fundamental. But when you think about it, everything is a little clock. Everything is an oscillating bundle of energy. Universe is a clock fractal. Being is right in the middle. Everything balance around being. It sits in the middle of a complexity ladder of 9 steps in our universe. Time is the simplest of all and is the origin of all evolution. Being starts as a little bundle of time and climbs the ladder. When it reached the 9 levels of complexity, after a long evolution, it reaches the level of our universe to create beings like us.

Sri Yantra has nine circuits and three elevations apparently.

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