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Monday, January 15, 2007

Cell, being, species

This symmetry reflects to what degree nature follows the number triplet, {0,1,Infinity}. {star,galaxy,universe} triplet shows the power of this symmetry at the grandest scale we know. It is interesting that galaxy should correspond to being.

{0,1,I} is quantity, {-,0,+} is quality aspect. {-,0,+} corresponds to {female,child,male} symmetry. Galaxies fall into few types like elliptical, spiral, irregular. I would say {+} corresponds to {elliptical} and {male} since it has a simpler symmetry. This needs further thinking.

The reprogrammability of the center, or the mainstream, is clearly seen in each of {cell,being,species}. Cell has DNA to control the rest, being has brain, species has the marginals to reprogram, or easily capture, the mainstream. Species also fall into {herbivores,carnivores} duality reflecting {+,-}. How is reprogrammability reflected in {star,galaxy,universe} triplet? Star transforms matter in it's core. Galaxy transforms matter at a deeper level in it's core, a black hole. What is the center of the universe? Dark matter/energy? Is it easily capturable and reprogrammable?

There is also the lateral aspect; complex numbers, i^2=-1. With complex numbers we get rotating things since it's symmetry is U(1), or the symmetry of circle and square together.

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