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Friday, October 13, 2006


A visualisation of M6 with smallest element M4.5 simplified for speed and many inner lines missing. 20 M5.5 make M6. They are tiled into a 3^3 cube by leaving the center and the 6 centers of the faces empty, 27-6-1=20. The relative finality of M6 is apparent from the completion of square and hexagon, both have good 2D tiling. MSet continues to produce interesting numbers after M6 but the ones that I checked all have 20 as a factor. Therefore the 20-cube is the final form. It just keeps getting finer and finer in detail after M6. This implies that our universe is the smallest possible. From here on it goes on and on until infinity. Our universe it seems is just a small speck in the final 20-cube.

Following are 2D aspects with no perspective;

Flower of life;

Following makes an attempt to compare Sri Yantra to M6 with M5 simplified to a tetrahedron. It seems it is there but I have not got the angles right yet.

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Lorra said...

God, this pictures are amazing! I could never even draw stuff like that! No, I can really say that I am bad in geometry....

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