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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



M0 is a very stressed state. Like a tossed hyper coin. Quantisation is the answer to resolve this stress;
dx*dp >= h/4*pi
h/4*pi is the smallest action possible in the universe. Note the black hole format, the 3D solid angle 4*pi. Out of this quantisation comes M0+=,/{}. Condensation of the dust field into small droplets creates a reaction like springs between nodes.

To get rid of the infinity, substitute 0 => 2 where it counts and break the symmetry;
0^0 => 2^0
This substitution reflects a dual polarisation of the dust field into a field of line segments. Boolean is the minimum space.

MSet is a quotient set. It takes 2^n as it's norm. M0+ has 2 aspects. The point aspect and the line segment (or stick) aspect. It has only one possible state at a time. Either point or stick. The collapse of wave function in quantum mechanics is based on this reasoning. If you look at it to see the point, you can't see the stick.

M0+ corresponds to Boolean algebra, {0,1}. Boolean is the minimum space.

In color, {black,white}.

In sex, {male,female}.

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