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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12 aspects of being





((Expression,Conversation),(Meeting, Conference)))



I have finally come back to 12, after being stuck on 4 for a while. This time though I reckon I found the symmetry I have been after for a long time. It has the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 included in the overall symmetry, indicating that the classification is in fact a computer. 12 is a very popular number in religion and science. The lists speak for themselves.

The most important outcome is the predictive power of this classification. It places the scalar elements of the universe nicely into the 1st quartet, and predicts an unknown element besides Higgs and the already theorized dark ones. Perhaps Higgs splits into two.

The symmetry has two other less dominant representations;

1. (((,),(,)), ((,),(,)), ((,),(,))) ... 3*4
2. (((,),(,),(,)), ((,),(,),(,))) ... 2*6
3. (((,,),(,,)), ((,,),(,,))) ... 4*3

Following the commutation and association property of multiplication of naturals;

3*4 = 4*3 = 2*6 = 12

Does not seem to have the 6*2 symmetry. It is not surprising that the overall symmetry imitates the small natural numbers, since they are the simplest and purest forms. The pure symmetry of the naturals has to be broken though, to have complexity. 3*4 seems to be the dominant symmetry. I think this is based on the triplet symmetry of numbers;


The 3*4 symmetry is in fact 3*2*2 = 3!!, the double factorial of 3. The double factorial has a self reference; it reiterates itself.

An interesting thing that seems to be related to this classification is the Kleiber's Law. It relates the metabolic rate of animals to their masses;

Metabolic Rate ~ m^(3/4)

It's explanation involves the self similarity and the fractal structure of the metabolism.

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