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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Fifth Element

Vajra cross

Map the four variables of the ideal gas law to the categories of the universe;

((P,V),(N,T)) --->


Charge = (Electric,Weak,Color)
Boson = (Light,Weak,Gluon)

Rearrange the categories to expose an implied symmetry;


Compare it to the categories of life;

(Tissue,Organ) =


Organ = (Head,Body) = (Sense,Action)

Isense = Inner-sense = ((Pain,Pleasure),(Temperature,Pressure),(Rhythm,Harmony))
Osense = Outer-sense = ((Touch,Balance),(Taste,Smell),(Hear,See))

Iaction = Inner-action = ((Lungs,Kidneys),(Stomach,Penis-Vagina),(Heart,Brain))
Oaction = Outer-action = ((Arms,Legs),(Head,Torso-Tail),(Feet,Hands))

Rearrange the categories of life and compare it to the ideal gas and the universe;


Why does the ideal gas law underlie both classifications?

Perhaps because the primordial soup of life can be approximated as a gas of chemicals dissolved in water. The same argument must apply to the universe. Since Dark Matter can be considered as a quantum liquid, the fifth categories for the universe and life are implied;


The fifth element in the case of the ideal gas must be the Boltzmann constant;

P*V = k*N*T

Thus the overall symmetry is that of the Vajra cross;


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