ATON is a hopefully evolving classification theory. It aspires to unify knowledge around numbers and prefers naive methods. Some of the older posts are wrong but I'll keep them for the sake of continuity.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The song of being in measure 4/3

1. (Biochemical,Tissue,Organ)
2. (Populational,Relational,Philosophical)
3. (Quantal,Matter,Celestial)
4. (Multiverse,Omniverse,Divinity?)

The measure 4/3 inverts to 3/4 as it branches further;

1.1. ((Amino-acid,Protein),(Nucleotide,Nucleic-acid))
1.2. ((Connective,Epithelial),(Muscle,Neural))
1.3. ((Inner-action,Outer-action),(Inner-sense,Outer-sense))

2.1. ((Individual,Family),(Tribe,Species))
2.2. ((Interaction,Economics),(Technology,Communications))
2.3. ((Politics,Ethics),(Sciences,Philosophy))

3.1. ((Higgs,Boson),(Lepton,Quark))
3.2. ((Plasma,Gas),(Liquid,Solid))
3.3. ((Gas-Dust-Meteor-Comet,Planet-Moon),(Star,Black-Hole))

The rest is the arena of speculation, but there is enough of it to qualify for a pretty serious MIT paper about the Multiverse. The symmetry suggests further 2 categories. One of them already has a name; Omniverse. About the other, I have no idea. Divinity?

4.1. ((Level-1,Level-2),(Level-3,Level-4)) ... (*)
4.2. ?
4.3. ?


Some of the details of the further branching are in my previous posts. There is enough evidence to suggest that the 3rd level belongs to the numbers 3, 6 and 12 for the detailing. The categories add upto 48 at the second level, reminding Bach's 48 preludes and fugues and plenty of references from the ancient cultures. The prelude that I love most, that of BWV-998, has the measure 4/3. My second favorite, BWV-999, has the measure 3/4. Both lute preludes. There you go.

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