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Friday, January 23, 2009

Duet of life and universe in measure 3/4

This is an update to my previous post "The eightfold way of existence". I expanded the biology and universe sections and excluded the sections on culture, language, music and mathematics.

There are 4 biochemicals, 4 tissue and 4 organ types in biology;


The symmetry of each quartet is like the modular group. I have excluded the chemicals like carbohydrates, lipids and ions from the biochemicals. Although there is not a clear cut boundary between the ordinary chemicals and biochemicals, these clearly define a good quartet. Like nucleotides are parts of nucleic acids, amino acids are parts of proteins, and both nucleotides and amino acids also have other functions. There are 12 amino acids. There are 4 groups and 12 types of Connective tissue;

(Loose,Dense,Cartilage,Other) =

There are 6 inner and 6 outer senses;


Senses have organs inside and outside the brain. The inner senses are more distributed over the body for their outer organs, yet more centralised in the brain. They make up the core of the brain. There are 6 inner and 6 outer organ groups of the body;


The Head reflects the torso in the organ symmetry.


Universe obeys the same symmetry;


The boson-fermion quartet match the 4 biochemical groups. The 4 phases of matter match the 4 tissue types of biology. Like the organs of an organism, the astronomical objects are places of transformation. An accumulation of rocks in space become spherical under Gravity after a critical mass. Therefore Planet and Moon represent a phase change from low level space debris. Similarly there is a phase change from Star to Black-Hole.

There are 6 leptons and 6 quarks;


They also have their anti-particles. There are 3 known Bosons;


The remaining categories (Time,Gravity,Space) must be due to Higgs which is theorised to weigh mass. They seem to match the Boson triplet;


It can also be written in 3 dualities to expose the partner symmetry;


Time is defined by Light. Space has the triplet symmetry like Strong. The implied (Gravity,Weak) duality is interesting, since the energy released by fission is in fact a transformation of mass to light. Maybe Weak holds the key to Gravity.


The symmetry match between life and universe demonstrates the modularity and self similarity of the universe. It may even show the inseparability of consciousness and matter, since life evolves from the depths of matter and there is no clear boundary between them. All life forms have their own cultures with a matching spectrum to human's, like language, music, tool using and so on, however dilute. Their elements add up to 12+12 = 24, a magic number. The duet they have been singing is still being created and its measure is 3/4, a very popular measure in human music.

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