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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thirteen senses and Da Vinci's The Last Supper

The senses can be classified in an ordered stack of length 13;


Because of the complex relationships between the senses, the stack includes many symmetries.

The strongest symmetry is unity. They are all related to each other as they grow and evolve from a root sense. I call this sense Nothingness which is an identity and measurement protocol. It is the ground state of consciousness which is generally used to mean an overall sense of being.

The second strongest symmetry is duality. They all come in dualities, except the root sense. The general symmetry is of the form (Content,Container). Smell forms the background space for Taste. Without Smell, Taste weakens a lot. Similarly Hear is the background space for See. See uses more complicated but the same type of mathematics (FFT).

Are (Rhythm,Harmony) senses? Everything in the body is a clock with a special Rhythm, but Heart and Basal-Ganglia specialize on Rhythm. So it is a sense but hidden like the Balance sense. Harmony is the overall sense between and within the senses. (Rhythm,Harmony) are due to the self-referential or self-similar aspect of the senses.

The 6 strongest dualities have an overall duality that demonstrates the symmetry that simulates a four dimensional hyper space-time;


The corresponding shape is Tesseract.

There are also two dual-duality symmetries;



I think all these symmetries form around some kind of number simulation protocol. It seems to be a category calculator with base 13.


Vision obeys the same symmetry;


(Grey) ... Balance
(Bright,Dark) ... Brightness
(White,Black) ... Contrast
(Rhythm,Harmony) ... Texture
(Yellow,Purple) ... Color


Since Nothingness sits at the center and is neutral, many modules can attach themselves through their centers. This is demonstrated by two stacks of culture;



Politics and Interaction are the Nothingness of their categories, as the 10 elements of the Interaction stack are the fundamental methods of control in Politics.


Fields also obey the 13-symmetry, if 5 new fields are introduced;


This time (hopefully the last time) I rearranged the locations of (Time,Space) in line with the senses (Rhythm,Harmony) locations, since there must be deeper fields that contain (Time,Space).

6 strongest dualities simulate a hyper Space-Time;

(((A1,A2),(B1,B2),(Time,Space))), (Higgs), ((Light,Gravity),(Weak,W*),(Strong,Black-Hole)))


Mathematics falls into two broad categories, numbers and operators;


They also have some sequential symmetry;


Comparing gives some hints about the predicted fields;

(Derivative,Integral) --> (A1,A2)
(Exponential,Logarithm) --> (B1,B2)
(Probability,Statistics) --> (Time,Space)

(Real,Complex) --> (Gravity,Light)
(Natural,Integer) --> (W*,Weak)
(Rational,Irrational) --> (Strong,Black-Hole)

There seems to be good correspondence. Rational-Strong correspondence is good since Strong is based on the Rationals (1/3,2/3). Integer-Weak is also good since Weak has three bosons; (W-,Z,W+). Light's symmetry is Complex.


Da Vinci's The Last Supper has many symmetries that correlate strongly with the 13 senses.

(Nothingness) ... (Christ)

(Pain,Temperature,Rhythm) ... (Bartholomew,James,Andrew)
(Touch,See,Taste) ... (Peter,Judas,John)

(Smell,Hear,Balance) ... (James,Thomas,Philip)
(Harmony,Pressure,Pleasure) ... (Matthew,Jude,Simon)

Christ is demonstrating a triangle with the hands forming the base. The right hand is making a grabbing action on the table, while the left is open. This seems to represent the (Content,Container) duality. While this shows the duality of his self, it also points to the overall duality at the table. He wears red on the right, and blue on the left as a further illustration of this duality.

Bartholomew and Simon (Pain and Pleasure) sit at either ends of the table, thus setting the extreme boundaries. Peter leans over Judas to talk to John, indicating Touch-Taste relationship, while holding a knife pointed back towards Bartholomew indicating his nature.

Judas (See) is looking at Christ to synchronise the bread grabbing, while holding a bag of goodies, symbolising the excessive dominance of vision. Judas betrays Christ since we usually believe what we see, not what we can not see.

Thomas (Hear) leans over James (Smell) to listen to Christ. James (Smell) looks appalled, by what is happening, since he is getting a rough deal. Philip (Balance) is leaning over while standing in front of a corner.

John (Taste) looks young, feminine and tasty.

There are windows behind Christ, James and Thomas, indicating their airy character (Nothingness,Smell,Hear).

The room has few related symmetries coded. The three windows show the fundamental mediated duality symmetry. Four openings at either side show the 4-symmetry. 36 (6*6) pattern on the ceiling show the (6+1+6) symmetry of 13.

How come da Vinci knew this to so much detail? Much seem to come from the so called sacred geometry and science, but his knowledge seems so advanced.

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