ATON is a hopefully evolving classification theory. It aspires to unify knowledge around numbers and prefers naive methods. Some of the older posts are wrong but I'll keep them for the sake of continuity.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eleven senses

Moroccan tile.

The senses can be classified in an ordered stack of length 11;


Where the strongest symmetry is shown. Nothingness is the ground state of Consciousness. When there is nothing to sense, it senses itself. The senses are converted, by their organs, to a common electrical code before they are sent to the brain through Thalamus which is the switching organ at the center of the brain. Consciousness is centered at Thalamus it seems.

The 6 strongest dualities (Nothingness is a duality in itself) have an overall duality that demonstrates the symmetry that simulates a four dimensional hyper space-time;


The corresponding shape is Tesseract.


Colors also obey the same symmetry;


All colors saturate to White at higher Brightness, and to Black at lower. Brightness (Bright,Dark) is the enveloping element of Vision. Therefore it completes the symmetry of colors;

(Grey) ... Stability
(Bright,Dark) ... Brightness
(White,Black) ... Contrast
(Yellow,Purple) ... Color


Since Nothingness sits at the center and is neutral, many modules can attach themselves through their centers. This is demonstrated by two stacks of culture;



Politics and Interaction are the Nothingness of their categories, as the 10 elements of the Interaction stack are the fundamental methods of control in Politics. They compare to colors;

(Interaction) ... Stability
(Chaos,Order) ... Brightness
(Predation,Union) ... Contrast
(Competition,Cooperation) ... Color

In a stable system, (Chaos,Order) and (Predation,Union) dimensions rotate vertical to the color dimensions to make 3 dimensional structures with the other 3 dimensions curled-up and finely distributed over them.


Fields also obey the 11-symmetry, if 3 new fields are introduced;


Previously I used Dark-Energy for ZZZ which is supposed to be the dual of Weak. Now that there are 2 more fields predicted, XXX and YYY, I will use generic names. XXX and YYY seem to be like Energy and Anti-Energy. Maybe all three make up the Dark-Energy.

6 strongest dualities simulate a hyper Space-Time;

(((Higgs),(Time,Space),(XXX,YYY)), ((Light,Gravity),(Weak,ZZZ),(Strong,Black-Hole)))


Ram said...

Amazing!!! I understand each and everything you have said. Actually till date I thought it was my theory and no one could ever even think about it. It had just occurred to me that there was a possibility of nothingness to exist. I used to boast in front of everyone that its my theory. But now my ego has been shattered. How ignorant of me that i dint see this before...
By the way am an Indian aged 21

Akira Bergman said...

Thanks for your comment. You are very thoughtful on these things for your age. Since then ATON has changed a bit and some errors of the "Eleven Senses" have been corrected. I now think there are 13 senses.

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