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Monday, January 15, 2007

Capturability of the mainstream

Why is it that the human mainstream is so easy to capture?

In Cronulla race riots in Australia recently, a large number of youth were captured by a few well organised extreme racists. Since the Iraq invasion and the subsequent bombing in Bali, racial harmony suffered greatly. Racist Anglos were ready to be captured it seemed (most Anglos are decent good people I must add). Many of them were drunken and wrapped in Australian flags. They displayed a disgraceful scene, chasing and beating any dark skinned person who happened to be there, including women. The police chief later explained it as crowds being "captured". The oragnisers of the event would have been happy with the results, but I am sure they were not too happy with being seen as a mob of drunken losers.

Didn't Hitler capture an entire nation? He took so many of them to the grave. It seemed capturing humans was as easy as capturing sheep, maybe easier. Hitler was not alone of course. The Europian aristoctarcy and corporations were desperate to counter the Soviet revolution. They supported despots all over Europe to suppress local revolutions. Franco did not reach the efficiency of Hitler, but he also killed a lot of people. Mussolini was of the same kind. They keep showing docos on how bad were the dictators, but they never mention the fact that they were the ones behind the curtain. Later Hitler went rogue, as they do, and became an embarrasment. But Franco stayed a darling until the end.

Neo-cons also tried to capture the American mainstream and succeeded to a great degree. If they were successful in the invasion and holding of Iraq, we would have quite a different world order now. It was amazing to watch how easily they did it to the Americans. Few low life religious preachers were enough to mesmerise a large section of the society. As happened before in Europe, we all know who was behind the curtain. Greedy and ignorant corporate bully. The story of US is still unfolding. Democrats are putting a show but not too effective. Most democrats are also sponsored puppets.

Humans are easy to capture in all scales, from one person to large crowds. You just use slightly different methods. Controlling the media helps greatly. Internet must be quite a nuisance to these bastards. Falling in love is a consensual capture, supported by chemistry. Finding friends also falls into capturing. In the end it comes to reprogrammability. The mainstream provides a programmable power base for the marginal elements. It is a good representation of the concept of nothingness. It slumbers in the center to provide stability with it's size and power. We should study and understand this fact about ourselves and bring it to attention, if we want a peaceful future.


Anonymous said...

Humans are easy to capture. We seem to be "programmed" to conform. We sometimes do things just because everybody else is doing it. Nazi Germany, Beatlemania, weird fashions etc. are just examples of this. There must be an evolutionary advantage in having this tendency to conform. Perhaps it is even this conformance that has helped the human race to organise itself to the extent that we are now ruling (destroying) the planet.

Akira Bergman said...

Thanks for your comment. I think being advances like an army at the scale of species. There are broadly to elements of a population; mainstream and marginals. Marginals are the heavily tested elements. They evolve faster and in time challenge and sometimes replace the mainstream. Thus there is a periodic revolution of territories. The comformism of mainstream is matched by rebellious marginals in successful species. That is for every programmable entity, there is also a programmer.

For example, the marginal elements of humanity are now gathering around Internet to form a formidable force of good. Blogs have penetrated the mainstream media. I think there is good reason to be hopeful.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be as optimistic as you. I really do. The real problem that I see is that there are not enough marginals, and their voices are drowned out by the mainstream. The advertising industry is a particularly toxic influence that strongly and insidiously encourages conformism and drowns out the non-conformist marginals.
Yes, a lot of people are blogging, but have a look at the many blogs on the internet. There are a lot of interesting blogs, but there are a great many inane blogs that look very similar. The world belongs to Paris Hilton and her type and her mindless followers. I hope I'm wrong about being so pessimistic.

Akira Bergman said...

I think the reality is a mix of positive and negative influences. I agree that negatives weigh heavily at the moment. Climate change, environmental degradation, serious social injustice, war crimes... My optimism is relative, though it may have come out like Pollyanna's story. A year ago I was full of pessimism. Seeing that there is another possibility cheered me up a bit. The trouble is that a clear duality of choice has appeared on the horizon. If it goes in wars and misery, we are all fucked. Because a global nuclear war is a real possibility. We may not have too much time left. It may be that it is already too late. Who knows? In the end, what will be, will be. I can't depress myself to hell about it.

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