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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sex and time

The family tree of a person is like a cone fractal infinitely expanding into past. A person in the past has both sides of the cone until the present. Special relativity defines a light cone for every locality. Sexual reproduction forms the backbone of life's space-time. Every sexual encounter that result in fertilisation forms a node in life's matrix. From this node a being emerges and goes on to make own nodes in the matrix. The distance travelled from one node to the next has a statistical spread. There would be an average speed of gene transmission into the future in this matrix, like speed of light. When looked overall, it looks like a time-cone.

Sexual dynamics may be a clue to quantum mechanics of space-time. What else for life to imitate, apart from space-time itself? Time, light and gravity are intimately linked. Light is like male, gravity like female. Light brings life to matter. Life make space by feeding and doing the chores of life. The locality defined by a life transmits itself through sex to other nodes.

Living make space, fucking make time.

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