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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bach's seal

Isn't it gorgeous? It has few aspects that I wanted to share with the cyber space.

Mainly it is a representation of mediated duality. Two sides reflect each other and they also merge in the middle to make the mediator. Like (-1,0,+1) and (black,grey,white). Bach is giving the second most outstanding aspect of existence, mediated duality. Unity is the first aspect.

The crown on the mediator has the numbers 4, 5 and 7 coded in a symmetry like Menorah's, the Jewish candle holder icon. There are 5 dashes and 7 knobs on the crown. The center and side knobs are specially capped, leaving 4 not capped. Is Bach giving a clue here about how to link two different symmetries? 4 is also visible in the mediator's inner square divided into 4. 5 is the number of senses, with 4 of them {taste,smell,hear,see} being mediated by {touch}. Thus Bach also gives the third aspect, mediated dual-duality. The reflected JSB on both sides also reveal mediated dualities each, S being the mediator of J and B. The universe is also built on 5 forces, {strong,weak,higgs,light,gravity}. Complex numbers have the same mediated dual-duality symmetry, (-1,+1,0,-i,+i). And as we know, complex numbers are closed.

The symmetry that Bach mastered is the symmetry of music, life and the universe. All music obey the same symmetry, but Bach knew what he was doing, not only feel. What a man. He united the western music with his 48 preludes and fugues. 48=2*24, 4!=24. When the symmetry of the universe is ever found, it may confirm Bach. Bach united music and I think also showed the way forward for science. He heard the sound of unification in his heart and mind in balance, a testament to power of good music. In doing so, he also showed the way for happiness; balance of mind and heart. It is a miracle that he ever existed.

(The seal is from Wikipedia)


EDIT 6/4/2013 Check this out! The expected value of Hamiltonian in Dirac formalism.


Matt Janovic said...

I love Bach. Why is it that so many European composers have such a profound sense of the mystic? Mozart did too, Debussy, Satie, so many others. Heard any Carlo Gesualdo? Wow.

Akira Bergman said...

Europe has the deep history and culture. No one touches me like Bach though. He is a class of his own. Gesualdo has the intensity of Renaissance. Like Pergolesi. I love Debussy LaMer. I also like the classical folk. Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Irish... The earth is a wonderful place to live once you open your mind and heart to it.

Matt Janovic said...

Yeah, folk musics are some of the most cutting-edge too! It's true, look at Bartok, he drew from slavic folk musics and the gypsies. Bach is excellent.

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