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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Nothingness ain't nothing

In the beginning, there was nothing and everything at the same time. (anon)

Thing mediates nothing and everything, and becomes Thingness;
Thingness = {nothing, thing, everything}
Or rather more simply;
Where the humble comma "," stands for thing. It seperates everything from nothing. Thus the seperator is the origin of everything. Language and being are inseperable.

Nothing and everything do not make sense by themselves. They exist as trancendental entities mediated by thing, however small but never nothing. Thingness comes from nothingness.

It is 0 (or rather epsilon) for mathematics, water for taste, air for smell, space-time for action, dx for calculus. This is an unpolarised state. Like hermaphrodites before sex evolved. They are still around. Nature does not like sameness. Like in quantum mechanics, two particles in the same quantum state are not allowed. Therefore there would always have been slight differenciation in the reproductive techniques of a hermaphrodite population. Difference make a population as much as similarity. 0 in math indicates that idealisation of very small quantities by a trancendental concept is useful and it works. We treat space as nothing in most cases, but we know that it is an entity. This state corresponds to Grey color.

Then comes another point of differentiation. This time we get a boundary by polarisation.
A boundary has at least 2 elements which reflect each other. Like {-1,0,+1}, {+Charge,Light,-Charge}, {Male,Hermaphrodite,Female}, {Black,Grey,White}, {No,Maybe,Yes}, {Nothing,Something,Everything}. Then comes a rule;
That is, sameness is not allowed in a set. Or rather, the seperator is negligible. Polarisation wins out. And we get our empty container to fill with content.

It can also grow;
It can be collapsed to expose it's ordered elements;
{,{}} == <,<>> + <<>,>
Reminding Quantum Mechanics. It seems it can be used for classifying things. Classification is the game. {} is the player. An empty container in some context seems to be a fundamental concept, like space. An iteration process would represent time. ESet and HSet are generated by simple iterations. Both breadth and depth are generated by one operation. We get breadth-depth (space-time) unification in one simple process from the start.

This triplet nature is apparent in many things;
and so on. All dualities come with a median, whether obvious or not. It is not surprising that our number system is based on a triplet, {0,1,I}. The whole universe seems to obey it. It displays itself more explicitely in the first iteration of {};
There are two things inside seperated with a comma. A triplet within a triplet. Sameness is not allowed in a set;
Thus the container defines it's own seperator. Reflecting the hidden nature of median, comma ",".

Maybe Set Theory went too complicated and ignored the potential of {}.

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