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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mirror Set and the elementary particles

Now revised;

Mirror Set of order n is the (n+1)*(n+1) matrix quotient set;
Mn=Mnkl=Ek/Hl, (k,l)=0,...,n

M6 seems interesting with the following main diagonal state quotients and proposed mappings to elementary particles;
SE0/SH0=1 ... Higgs?
SE1/SH1=1/2 ... Light
SE2/SH2=1/2 ... Weak
SE3/SH3=3/2 ... Quarks
SE4/SH4=18 ... Leptons
SE5/SH5=1080 ... Space-Time-like?
SE6/SH6=388800 ... Mass-Gravity-like?
The digits of 4,5,6 all add to multiples of 9.

3/2 is the symmetry of quarks and equal tempered tuning.
Quarks come in 3 generations and 2 types;
I put 3/2 in the middle and proposed M6 since energy seems to be balanced around quarks. This balancing is achieved by the large mass ratio Mp/Me=1836.
When the state quotient is expressed more explicitely it becomes clearer;
There is 2*2*3 ness (3 generations, 2*2 types) and 2*2*2 ness (3 color/anti-color pairs) at the same time.

18=2*3*3 is the number for leptons.
Leptons also come in 3 generations and 2 types;
18 is pretty obvious in the periodic table, displaying the 18-slot lepton wrapping of the nucleus.
6 is is kinda explained but how about 3*6=18, why does it get multiplied by 3?
Maybe leptons are satisfying the color multiplicity of quarks.

1/2 is degenerate curiously.
The first 1/2 has to be light, electric and magnetic together make one unit.
The second 1/2 then stands for weak, with W+,Z0,W-.
The degeneracy may stand for the realtively easy light-weak unification.

1 must be Higgs which is assumed to be scalar and not detected yet.

I made a guess about what the other two are, 1080 and 388800, space-time-like and mass-gravity-like.
Gravity seems to be a deeper field as black hole theories suggest.
Space-Time stop at the event horizon but Mass-Gravity don't.
Putting quarks in the middle suggests the couplings;
Weak-Lepton coupling is observed in the decay of neutron;
Light-Space-Time coupling is pretty obvious.
We define Space-Time with light.
Higgs-Mass-Gravity coupling remains to be seen.

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