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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Complementarity of life and universe

The Universe has 12 aspects arranged in measure 4/3;


Life has 12 aspects arranged in complementary measure 3/4;


The outer shape of the Universe has four-fold symmetry;


The outer shape of life has three-fold symmetry;



Previously I included Plasma to GLS, and Gas-Dust-Meteor-Comet to PSB triplets to make them quartets. But later I realized that the GLS triplet already stands for the lower level matter. Similarly I excluded Higgs from the particle triplet BLQ and made a new triplet GHT, including Dark-Energy.

The (GHT,BLQ) duality compares to the 12 senses quite well;

(GHT,BLQ) => (Inner-sense,Outer-sense) =


They can be compared in many ways since the senses and fields are modular and self similar. The following correspondences are noteworthy;

Time-Space ... (Rhythm,Harmony) ... (Hear,See)
Higgs ... (Temperature,Pressure)
Gravity/DE ... (Pain,Pleasure) ... (Touch,Balance)

Similarly the (GLS,PSB) duality compares to the 12 actions;

(GLS,PSB) => (Inner-action,Outer-action) =


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