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Friday, October 05, 2007

13 senses

I have proposed that measure and balance are complementary senses mediated by their corresponding touch sense. The balance sense is out of the way and and it's two organs are hidden in the middle ear. For this reason it is usually not regarded as a sense. I have not been able to figure out the organ for the measure sense. I proposed that it is somehow related to the central clock in the brain. But what is this clock and where is it?

I concluded that the organ of the measure sense is in fact the body itself. We touch the universe with our bodies while measuring and balancing. Without measure and touch one can not balance. In fact both measure and balance senses are types of touch evolved from their root touch sense. Like {see,touch,hear} and {smell,touch,taste}. Touch is a generic sense, the scalar field of the senses.

A good connection to quantum mechanics is made as well. Quantum mechanics studies scattering of quanta. Basically it studies touch. I have already attempted a mapping of senses and organs to fields and charges. Thus this study of the senses is an attempt to figure out the universe by comparing it to life. A top-down look at or a short cut to unification. The string theory has already proposed ten dimensions, corresponding to my ten senses.

When a dynamical system goes through the process of quantization, it has to keep it's balance. An organism is made of cells and higher quanta (organs) while it balances itself. Without balance, it can not execute it's other senses and survive. Strangely enough, the balance sense couples to hearing, like space couples to gravity. I think {measure,balance} coupling corresponds to {space,time} coupling, suggesting that space and time are fields. The organs of the balance sense are three liquid filled hairy (inside) and coupled rings for each ear. Thus balance maps to space, and measure maps to time.

The heart is the organ of the measure sense, and the whole body is the organ of the mediating touch sense. It provides the essential rhythm for the brain and the body. The brain's (and the body's) clock is the heart. The definition of 'second' comes from the heart's rhythm.

Senses and organs are not stand-alone things; they interact. I find the {balance,hearing} coupling most interesting, like {space,gravity} coupling. There is a duct between the nose and the eyes, mapping to the {weak,light} coupling.

The following format exposes the importance of {measure,balance} coupling;


They are foundation of existence, like space-time. Both are hidden. Of course the real foundation is the touch sense, like the Higgs field. Previously I proposed that {taste,smell} were the foundation. I am still somewhat undecided on this point, but I prefer the {measure,balance} coupling as the base.

Another interesting point is the {mouth,stomach,anus} coupling. I think there is connection to the black holes here. Black holes couple to space-time strongly, like {mouth,stomach,anus} making a hole right through the body. Life is essentially a filtering process from the feeding angle. Nose couples to mouth, and genitals couple to anus. There seems to be a strong link between the nose and the genitals. It seems that while the nose was differentiating from the mouth, genitals differentiated from the anus. Reproduction and feeding come from the same base. Is that why many humans (and animals!) like anal and oral sex I wonder?

Are there senses corresponding to the genitals? Which fields do they map to? Maybe there are 12 senses. What are the two complementary senses of sex? Penetrating and being penetrated? I will call them 'pen' and 'vag' for the moment. The organs are obvious; penis and vagina and their attached organs. If they are all listed together in a suitable format exposing their hierarchy;


or all 12 of them with their corresponding mediating touch senses;


With the all inclusive nothingness {}, they are 13. That strange prime number with lots of ancient historical reference. 13 and 20 make the foundation of the Mayan calendar. I wonder where 20 comes from?

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