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Friday, March 09, 2007

What exactly is nothingness?

When I started this blog on nothingness (Nn), I had a vague idea of what Nn is, and I still am not totally clear on it, although clearer. I have come to believe that it is a trancendental and relative concept.

I have already given few examples of what it might be; water for taste, air for smell, space-time for matter and so on. I still think these examples are pretty close, but there is still a problem. Water by itself is not taste, although taste evolves out of water. The smallest amount of taste, as compared to water, corresponds to Nn. Therefore Nn is a relative concept like probability;

Nn0 = ,/,

At the limiting case Nn0, both numerator and denominator are equal in quantity. I use numerical concepts since ATON aspires to be based on numbers. It also relates to the word nothingness since it compares almost nothing to almost nothing. Through comparision to itself, "nothing" (N) gets lifted and becomes "nothingness" (Nn). Thus we seem to get a connection to the concept of equivalence class as well. I like to iterate on this later.

A connection to my Mirror Set is also made;

M(m,n) = m!n / n^m

Where m!n is the multifactorial of m to depth n. M(0,0) is undefined, or fuzzy and multivalued, as I imagined Nn to be.

Let me try another example from my cat Rupty. I adopted her when she was very little, maybe a week or two old. After I brought her to my place, the first thing she did was to inspect the room, starting from a wander around the outer perimeter of the room. She did not get out of the room until she was sure where she was, I gathered. After many hours, she started little trips out of the room to inspect the corridor. Every time she would come back running and excited. In this fashion she finished inspecting the house in a day or two. Then she did the backyard, the frontyard and the street in many days to come.

The way she was doing these inspections was seemingly random. She would pick a direction and time out of the blue and inspect it many times until she was confident. The randomness is also displayed in her switching of the sleeping place. One day, out of the blue, she would swithch the place and start sleeping somewhere else she inspected before. This also applied to her other favorite places where she did one of her numbers like having a nap or sitting and watching.

I concluded that her behavior pattern is a fuzzy and random ball, like nothingness. It changed and took shape over time, but the essential fuzziness remained. We humans are also like cats when we are not regulated too much. We like to slumber along in a fuzzy pattern.

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