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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Measurement and Consciousness

Consciousness is awareness of being. It comes as a mediated duality;
Whole existence is defined on the concept of being one. Awareness of anything requires the concept of nothingness. It is the canvas. When there is picture on the canvas, it always has two aspects;
Eyes have two modes of operation (also less obviously ears);
Anti-focus is the way of paying attention to overall aspects.

The dual split in the brain reflects this duality. The 'eye' in the brain makes it's own scenery by analysing and feeling at the same time. Feeling provides the context for analysing. Thinking is based on feeling.

Thinking takes it's symmetry from Space-Time, since ST is the arena of reality;
{algebra,number theory,geometry}
Thinking is an act of measurement, or observation, of this duality in the brain, therefore it obeys the law of uncertainty;
dx.dp >= h/4*pi
'dx' for spatial, 'dp' for temporal, h/4*pi for local. The limit of focusing in the brain is neuron. Locality definition, or quantisation, is the prime act of any being.

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